May 12, 2019


"Mother - this is not only a dear and profound word. Mother - this is a special individual, a special person in the life of each one of us. She is a special person in the life of every child. A mother does not only conceive new life in her womb, but her body become the first defence of that life. A mother not only brings a new person into the world, she watches over that person...over the growth and development of that person...over that person's very beginnings."

According to His Beatitude, a Christian Mother does not only reveal to the child this visible, physical world, she also introduces the child to the world of angels and the invisible world, and becomes the first teacher of the Christian faith... the first one to pass on the faith and makes possible the encounter with the living resurrected Christ. She is the first doorway to eternity for every child.

"On this special day, I cordially greet all of our mothers. I want to thank you that you were not afraid to accept from our Lord the gift of motherhood! Our dear mothers, we pray for you on this day. We pray that your children would be a source f joy to you, and never of sorrow. We pray that the burden of motherhood, the burden of raising your children in a Christian way by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit would prove to be that easy yoke of Christ that you will be able to bear with joy in His grace and together with Him. We bow our heads before you with gratitude in our hearts."

"May the all pure Virgin Mary - the iconic example of a true mother who our people venerate as Our Lady of Perpetual Help - always be your special help, teacher, intercessor and guide. We entrust you and your motherhood to her never-ceasing protection!"

- UGCC Information Department

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