Ukrainian Catholic Foundation of Canada

The Ukrainian Catholic Foundation of Canada Inc. was established as a Public Foundation and commenced operation on 1 January 2006. It is headquartered in Winnipeg and administered by an eight member Board of Directors. The principal purpose of the Foundation is to maintain and manage in perpetuity the capital of designated endowment and bequest funds and to distribute the net income in accordance with a donor’s written trust or direction for the advancement of charitable, educational, philanthropic and religious activities. The Foundation also accepts general purpose donations for which charitable donation receipts are issued donors. The financial statements of the Foundation would be available here (comming soon). 
In 2014 the Foundation manages ten separate designated funds exceeding $2.2 million dollars. The investments consist of diversified fixed income securities, fixed income funds, equities and equity funds, and a mutual fund. These investments are managed by professional external investment managers. The net income is dependent on the state of the financial markets.
Friends and supporters are invited to assist the Foundation in increasing its capital base by establishing your own named funds, which would be administered on your behalf in perpetuity.
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