November 10, 2020


As Manitoba and other provinces move to even more repressive "lockdowns" in the interest of reversing the reported spikes in the number of those testing positive for the coronavirus, the instances of depression and suicide will rise as people lose hope. What society must do is increase efforts and gestures to decrease loneliness and restore hope. The proposal of the present Government to make the seduction of society-sanctioned suicide even more alluring for those most vulnerable depression and despondency at a time like this is unconscionable and we must speak up.

In response to the re-tabling of Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying), several bishops have been issuing letters to their faithful who seek clarification of the matter. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops as a whole will soon be issuing a new statement to address their concerns and to clarify the significance of their objections.

In addition to the joint ecumenical and interfaith statement (13 October 2020), the groups of disability advocates, physicians and legal professionals with which the CCCB is collaborating have likewise released statements in response to Bill C-7. The CCCB has not officially endorsed the three statements, but these offer different points of view from the disability, medical and legal perspectives concerning the negative consequences of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.

All Canadians - certainly every Catholic - must make the time to read and reflect on this following package of statements on Bill C-7....

  1. CCCB statement in response to the re-tabling of Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying) - click [HERE]

  1. Joint ecumenical and interfaith statement by the Religious leaders of Canada. - click [HERE].

  1. Statement by the group of disability advocates opposing Bill C-7, prepared by the Council of Canadians with Disabilities and Inclusion Canada and endorsed by a broad spectrum of disability rights advocates (formerly Canadian Association for Community Living) - click [HERE]

  1. Statement by the group of physicians opposing Bill C-7, prepared by concerned physicians and endorsed by over 600 physicians in Canada - in English and in French

    1. To view signatories, please view their website [HERE]

    2. Facebook [HERE],

    3. Twitter [HERE];

  1. Statement by the group of legal professionals opposing Bill C-7, prepared by the Christian Legal Fellowship and endorsed by over 140 legal professional / students - the statement is available by clicking [HERE]

Being informed is very important! Acting is also extremely important! Prayer is very efficacious - so we need to pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for the enlightening and conversion of many hearts. We also need to act by excercising our fundamental rights as citizens to vote and to make our voices heard. See this very straightforward way to make a difference by making your voice heard. Click [HERE] today!

[documentary sources: CCCB Secretariate]

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