October 22, 2020


A global initiative that involves the praying of the holy Rosary daily was started in Ukraine and is including Ukrainian Catholic parishes, shrines and communities around the world. On Thursday, 22 October, and 12:00 Noon, Fr. Ihor Shved and a group of Faithful led the Rosary for thousands that joined them online from around globe wherever word has gotten out. This is taking place EVERY DAY, at least for the month of October and perhaps beyond. Besides a group from our Winnipeg Cathedral, other groups from the Archeparchy may join in.

*** The next Rosary from Winnipeg will be led by Fr. John Sianchuk, C.Ss.R. and will be broadcast at 1:00 PM* on October 30th from the Blessed Vasyl' Velychkovsky Martyr's Shrine.

Father Ihor Shved leads the Rosary from Sts. Volodymyr and Ol'ha Cathedral...

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Pope Francis Promotes Rosary....

Earlier this month, Pope Francis spoke to the thousands gathered [and many more on line] about the power and importance of the Rosary. The audience took place on the Roman Catholic feast of "Our Lady of the Rosary" (Oct 7th) - a feast that celebrates the 1571 victory of Christian Europe over the invading Ottoman navy after the faithful in Europe and the members of their battle fleet "The Holy League" were asked by Pope St. Pius V to pray the Rosary for the deliverance of Europe.

Pope Francis urged that Catholics pray the Rosary...

"In her apparitions, Our Lady often exhorted the recitation of the rosary, especially in the face of looming threats to the world... Even today, in this time of the pandemic, it is necessary to hold the rosary in our hands and pray for us, our loved ones and all people"

He invited those gathered to pray the rosary and carry it in their hands or pockets. The rosary, he explained, is the most beautiful prayer that we can offer to the Virgin Mary. "It is a contemplation of the stages of the life of Jesus the Saviour with his Mother Mary and it is a weapon that protects us from evil and temptation." "The loving face of God Himself, whom we are called to contemplate in eternity, is increasingly revealed to us."

(source: vaticannews)


[* due to the time change that has already occurred in Ukraine Oct 25]

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