October 11, 2020


Every year, volunteers around Canada and the United States organize the praying of the Rosary in some public area to which all are invited to join in. It is above all a prayer - asking the Lord's blessings for our country and all citizens through the intercession of the Mother of God. It is also a public witness and expression of faith in the spirit of the "new Evangelization" - not unlike the public processions of yesteryear through the city streets. It is known as a Public Square Rosary Rally and takes place in cities across Canada and the United States.

Lydia Firman has been a Winnipeg organizer for some six years now. She started holding the rallies at Birds Hill and then moved them to the city. The participation has not been that large to date, but as more people learn of it, they join in. Lydia mentioned that this year's was the largest rally turnout to date. This year, it was held near Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic parish church at the busy intersection of Watt Street and Munroe Avenue in Winnipeg. What the group does is pray one Rosary (i.e. 5 of the twenty possible "mysteries") as well as some other prayers that are provided by the Quebec-based organization - "Canada Needs Our Lady".

Some 16 such rallies were held in Manitoba in Winnipeg as well as several towns around the province, including Rossburn, Tolstoi and Brandon. Canada's goal for 2020 was that 700 Rosary rallies would be held around the country. Such rallies in the United States, this year, reached 20,631 (!) - a sign that they undoubtedly feel at this moment in their history - America Needs Our Lady!

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