July 20, 2020


A special presentation of the work and final product of "Project Care" took place in Winnipeg on Monday morning at the Main Street UNF Centre. Special guests were the province's major spiritual leaders, Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak and Metropolitan Yurij (Kalistchuk) and a representative of the seniors of the province, Mrs. Jenny May. The press as well as other individuals that were instrumental in the realization of the project were also invited.

Ms. Joanne Lewandosky, the President of the Manitoba Provincial Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, introduced the project and explained that Project Care is one of two major charitable actions that the MPC-UCC has spearheaded since the declaration of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The first, in partnership with the Lubov Foundation, and designated as the Well Being Campaign, involves fundraising for two 'Nocospray' machines for the total sanitizing of living units at the province's largest long-term care facility of its kind - Holy Family Home. The other effort, named 'Project Care' or 'Проект Турбота', is the collation and distribution of hundreds of Covid-19 "self-care kits". Each of the kits contains a number of not-easy-to-come-by items that would be helpful to the most vulnerable members of the community - in particular our seniors. Aside from a selection of basic hygienic necessities, the kits also include hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, facial masks, safety information and a unique holy card. [The card includes the text of the Lord's Prayer (i.e. the Our Father) with the advice that one should pray the prayer completely when washing one's hands to comply with the suggested length of time that one should wash one's hands to properly rid them of any bacteria and... the coronavirus.]

President Lewandosky thanked the numerous supporters and donors that helped by making material and financial donations, but also with the major task of obtaining the sometimes elusive items and packaging them and now - distributing them around the province. The names of all the individuals and organizations and businesses are listed in one of the kit's information sheets. She did thank the project coordinators that worked with her in realizing the project from its conception to these days of fruition. They are: Maryka Chabluk, Beverly Stepaniuk and Dr. Roman Yereniuk. The coordinators made formal presentations of the first batch of the special kits to Metropolitan Lawrence, Metropolitan Yurij and Mrs. May. When a kit was presented to Marusia Labay a special word of gratitude was expressed to her that the UNF Branch was offered to serve as the preparation point for Project Care. The two Archbishops each expressed their gratitude for this unique project of kindness and caring directed toward the most vulnerable of society at this time of pandemic. Jenny May also expressed words of gratitude on behalf of the elderly that will receive the kits. All the recipients agree that the kits will not only be appreciated for their practical value, but will also serve as a source of comfort and encouragement that people in the community care about them.


Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Manitoba - Project CARE

Coordinating Team: Maryka Chabluk, Beverly Stepaniuk, Dr. Roman Yereniuk

Project CARE: Assisting Ukrainian Canadian Seniors in Manitoba during the COVID -19 Pandemic

Ukrainian Canadian Seniors are at a higher risk of suffering from severe and deadly complications from contracting COVID-19 and they are the most vulnerable sector of our community during these unprecedented times. There has been a genuine need identified by Ukrainian community organizations to start a new project in Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba to promote taking simple precautions to reduce their chance of being infected or spreading Coronavirus. (COVID-19) Selected recipients will be seniors living independently in their own homes and need to venture in the general public for essential supplies such as food and prescriptions. This project will not supply Self-Care Kits to long term care facilities or individuals who have already acquired these supplies.

The segment of the Ukrainian community in Manitoba who were identified, have limited access to masks, hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes. These items are recommended by the World Health Organization to help people to reduce their risk of being infected and spreading COVID-19.

A certain percentage of Ukrainian Canadian Seniors do not have access to computer technology and are unable to receive important education identified by the World Health Organization. The lack of information creates a greater risk of people being misinformed about procedures to keep themselves and others safe. In addition to compromised resources, a large majority of Ukrainian Canadian Seniors are supporting themselves with pensionable sums that are meagre.

The Self-Care Kit will consist of one re-usable face mask, one alcohol-based hand sanitizer and one package of anti-bacterial hand wipes. Also included in the Self-Care Kit will be an information sheet that will instruct the users on how to effectively use the products provided to better protect themselves and others. Additional Self-Care items will include prayer card, soap, mouthwash, hand lotion, dental kits and tea. On the outside packaging will be a heart- shaped sticker (coloured in blue and yellow) stating the Self Care Kit is courtesy of Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Manitoba Branch and all the Ukrainian Foundations/Organizations/Individuals that are supporting Project CARE.

The timeline for Project CARE is June 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020. Each Ukrainian Catholic parish will be allocated 10-12 kits for distribution to seniors in need. Please identify the members of your parish that would benefit from a Covid19 Self-Care kit. Please contact Maryka Chabluk to confirm the numbers required and provide a contact person from your parish who will receive and distribute the kits to your parishioners.

For further information, please contact:

Maryka Chabluk - or phone 204-797-7015

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