June 23, 2020

COMMENTARY (2) on DIRECTIVE # 5 - Re: COVID - 19 Pandemic

(as of 23 June 2020)

Directives for the Re-Opening of Churches and the Resumption of Public Liturgical Services of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg

(On 26 May 2020, Directive # 5 - Re: COVID - 19 Pandemic, was issued for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Manitoba. Its purpose is to guide the clergy and faithful in the resumption of public activities in their parish life. In order to address the various issues at hand, the Directive is lengthy. At the same time, it does not attempt to give minute and definitive instructions, as that would have resulted in a very long document.)

Prot. H/70/2020

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

On 21 June 2020, the Manitoba Government began implementation of Phase 3 - Restoring Services, due to COVID - 19.

Number of Persons

Regarding church functions, these regulations now permit 50 persons to be gathered inside a church, and 100 persons outside.

Therefore, for the Ukrainian Catholic Churches in Manitoba, we are able to permit 50 persons inside the church for liturgical services.

Type of Gatherings

Also, we are now permitting gatherings for meetings or other events on church premises with up to 50 persons.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverage preparation and consumption are permitted but only if prepared by and served by certified food handlers, taking all required precautions including the use of face masks, hair nets, sanitization, and disposable plates, utensils and cups. The number of such food handlers is part of the limit of 50 persons.

At the same time for all church services and all gatherings of persons we reiterate that all the conditions apply, as listed previously in the Archeparchy Directive # 5, including physical distancing, sanitization, movement inside the church premises, restrictions on singing, listing of all participants, etc.

If washrooms are made available to the participants, they must be sanitized accordingly.

Again, it is the responsibility of the parish priest and parish council to decide when and how such functions will be permitted, taking upon themselves the responsibility that all the precautions are followed, even if they are not present at the given activity.

May the Good Lord bless you with good health and spiritual grace!

Most Rev. Lawrence Huculak OSBM


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