April 19, 2020


Two ladies from Holy Eucharist Parish in Winnipeg have spearheaded yet another pandemic charitable action in the name of the parish. Lilian Deptuch and Elaine Bowman have been organizing various acts of kindness over the years. They do have volunteers helping them, of course. One of their major projects, for which they were able to get a small grant to help them with supplies, is they prepare meals for the residents of the neighbouring Kildonan Horizons 55+ residence. Before the pandemic, they were able to serve hot meals in the large common hall, but recently they have prepared safely pre-packaged lunches that the residents are able to pick up and take to their apartments.

Well, the latest idea came from their involvement with the parish's major fundraiser - perogy making. However, now with the pandemic controlling life in the country to a large extent, perogy making and bingo and practically any other fundraiser has been shut down. This hurts. Of course Holy Eucharist Parish isn't the only parish that will feel the pain of financial loss. The parishioners continue to be generous, but as the pandemic restrictions continue with prohibitions on facility rentals, dinners, bazaars, and regular fundraising staples like those mentioned above - it is getting worrisome.

But, you know as they say, "when life gives you potatoes, make perogies!". But wait, that's the problem - they can't even make perogies! Well, the potato order was received when the pandemic shut down large gatherings and perogy-making at Holy Eucharist often involves some 80 volunteers gathering in the church auditorium for several hours. This just wasn't going to happen for the foreseeable future. What to do with the many sacs of potatoes? Well,.... No telling how long they can stay in storage before going bad, so why not share them with those in need now?

The ladies, with the help of Les from the Horizons, packaged the potatoes into 5-pound bags for easier distribution. This went very well. There are still a few bags left, but so far, they distributed most of them to the Kildonan Horizons residence and they also took some over to a nearby charity that also helps people in need in the neighbourhood.

They're also exploring ideas of turning the potatoes into, well, perogies (in much smaller quantities, however) and maybe french-fries, etc. according to health regulations like many restaurants are doing, and offering them also for distribution to those that request or order them.

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