April 8, 2020

During this time of concern and worry with the blessing of Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak OSBM, the Archeparchy is providing this information letter to help keep parishes informed and updated of current measures and initiatives aimed at minimizing the impact of the reduced revenues on parishes during this period of restrictions mandated by the public health authorities.

The Archeparchy asks that the parishes be attentive to the individual needs of each employee. Some employees have responsibilities to their families and need to be home with their children, and others may need to provide for the needs of others, like seniors or other vulnerable individuals. Furthermore, there are employees who are concerned for their own personal well-being as they themselves have compromised immune systems. We are asking that you remain attentive to the needs of each of your employees and that you work with them to accommodate each individual case where possible.

Please be positive concerning employees who will continue to work for the parish remotely or in other creative ways to providing ministry. Now more than ever, we need to maintain an open communication with our parishioners. Your employees' work should be redeployed to tasks such as building your mailing lists, making personal phone calls to your parishioners who are alone or in need, creating new pastoral initiatives that can be of benefit to all parishioners.

Immediate Relief Available to Parish and Government Wage Subsidy Programs for parish staff

Directives Concerning possible Employee Lay-Offs and Archeparchial Initiatives to Help Mitigate the Impact of the Reduced Revenue on Parishes

Archeparchial Finance Chair

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