January 12, 2020


During the days leading up to his episcopal ordination, Bishop Stephan Sus, who was consecrated a bishop at the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Kyiv on Sunday 12 January 2020, gave his response to 6 questions. He gave the interview to the Ukrainian Catholic Media Network "Zhyve TB" (Living TV) in answer questions about several matters, including his feelings, his future obligations and about what he considers to be a 'good bishop' in our day.

He said that ordination to the episcopate, "for me is truly an unexpected event. Of course, I am experiencing a bit of anxiety and even fear, because I am human. I do not know how and what is around the corner, but at the same time, I live with a great trust in God and together with St. Ignatius of Loyola I repeat the words Ad maiorem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God. Probably, if we intertwine our concerns, fears, challenges and difficulties with trust in God, then something good will come from this. Right now I am anxious internally, but I hope that after episcopal ordination that this fear will leave me."

Bishop-designate Sus believes that a good bishop is above all a person that those around him - be they presently in the Church, or still do not believe, or harbouring doubts or still seeking their way - want to believe in the Creator and come to church. He explained that a Bishop should be open and approachable. He is convinced that it is of paramount importance to accompany people and 'walk through the same doors' as your parishioners. "More importantly, it is such qualities like openness and approachability that guarantee a good future for our Church".

The new Bishop also spoke about the importance and appropriate use of social media... "Thanks to Facebook," he said, "many people have decided to come for the first time to Confession, to get Married, and to have their children Baptised. The social network brings us closer to people. Of course, in this area we must maintain moral hygiene so that we do not become lost, but use internet for good things. I, for one, will continue as before - I'll post photos, and I'll write guidance and encouragement for all of us, I'll send birthday greetings and just be there for everyone". He added, "I am convinced that many more of our parishioners are among those that spend a lot of time on Facebook. Perhaps they will come to the Divine Liturgy here to [our cathedral] and this will be for them a real discovery where they will finally meet God in their lives."

The members of the Ukrainian Catholic Synod of Bishops, having received prior approval from the Pope Francis that Fr. Stephan Sus would be an acceptable candidate, elected him to serve as bishop in the Curia (administration) of the Kyiv-Halych Major Archbishopric. This was first made public on the 15 November 2019. At just 38 years old, it is believed that he will be the youngest bishop in the Catholic Church. Bishop Stephan will be a "curial bishop", which means that he will not be appointed to serve as the shepherd of an eparchy, but will work within the administration of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, together with the bishops that collaborate directly with the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church - His Beatitude Sviatoslav. Every bishop must be appointed to an episcopal see - either a long-existing one or one that may have just been created when a new eparchy is established. In the case of auxiliary or curial bishops they too must be assigned to a see, so what is often done is they are appointed to an ancient see that "exists", but has been inactive for centuries. Bishop Stephan will be given the titular see of Zygris, Egypt. Two other Ukrainian Bishops were appointed to this see in the past - Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, CSsR of Paris and Bishop Ivan Prashko of Melbourne, Australia.

Keep Bishop Stephan and all Bishops in your prayer

(source: UGCC Information Department)

Watch Bishop Stephan's Episcopal Consecration live [HERE]

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