August 6, 2019


Many parishioners, friends and fellow clergy joined Fr. Mark Gnutel and his wife Theresa to celebrate two special anniversaries. Fr. Mark and Theresa are celebrating 25 years of Marriage and, it was 20 years ago that Fr. Mark was ordained to Priestly ministry. The date chosen for this double celebration was the feast of the Transfiguration, 6 August 2019. His Grace Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak and Archbishop Stefan Soroka were joined by a large number of clergy as they led the celebration of the Divine Liturgy at St. Anne Parish in Winnipeg's North Kildonan. A joint choir of singers from St. Anne's Parish as well as Holy Family Parish and St. Michael's Parish - all where Fr. Mark used to serve - led the responses under the direction of Michele Lampertz.

At the homily, Metropolitan Lawrence spoke of the day as a celebration of several anniversaries that have at least one common characteristic. He was referring to the annual celebration of the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord at which the three chosen Apostles were totally elated at being in the presence of God's Glory revealed to them by Christ. They wanted that amazing moment to last and even suggested erecting tents that they all might dwell there and prolong the experience as much as possible. However, it passed soon enough and they had to come down from the mountain and continue with every day life. However, the Transfiguration served its purpose and sealed those Apostles with strength and boldness to see them through anything that life might pose in the future. Metropolitan compared this experience to that of the honeymoon and the thrill that a priest experiences upon ordination. Both the newly married couple and the newly ordained Priest are convinced (rightly so, in many respects) that they will accomplish great things in life and success will be theirs at every turn. However, as the Apostles had to "come down" from the mountain and apply themselves to everyday life and build successes from day to day work, so do the married couple and the new priest. It might seem to some as a bit of a "downer", but in reality, it is just facing, well, "reality", and then building a life and many great achievements from the inspiring experience forward with the ever present guidance from the Lord Who fulfils all things according to His Will.

Following the Divine Liturgy, Metropolitan, with the assistance of Protodeacon Stefan Tyrawski and Seminarian Jay Korban, both of whom serve with Fr. Mark at St. Anne Parish, performed the blessing of 'first fruits' as is the tradition for the feast.

Following the Liturgy, Fr. Mark and Theresa hosted a reception in the church hall to which everyone was invited. As live music was prayed by a very accomplished duo, all the guests had the opportunity to come forward and personally greet the couple on the occasion of the two very important anniversaries that changed their lives and have touched the lives of many people throughout the Archeparchy.

На многая літа!

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