May 2, 2019

With the blessing and support of the Most Rev. Bishop Stephen Chmilar, the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada is excited to be hosting

Unity 2020

Unity is a gathering for young adults of our church "who seek to further understand their Catholic Faith, to embrace it more fully and to celebrate it more profoundly. With the grace of God, this is accomplished by means of prayer, education and fellowship."

Unity 2020 is scheduled to take place

Friday July 31 - Monday August 3, 2020

in Toronto, Ontario.

The Unity 2020 team cordially invites you to be part of the variety of activities that will be taking place that weekend.

It truly will be a blessing to have all five eparches represented at Unity 2020

The theme of Unity 2020 is:

"Stillness In The Chaos"

our motto for the weekend will be:

"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

Unity 2020 will be taking place in the heart of Toronto. This experience will truly bring our theme alive for all who take part.

In the coming weeks you will be provided with more information about Unity 2020.

If you have any questions email to unitytoronto2020@gmail.com

We ask that you pray for the planning of Unity 2020, so that it can be a successful event and faith enriching for all who attend.

Larissa Samborsky

Chair of Unity 2020

Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada



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