March 9, 2019


The Immaculate Heart of Mary School annual fundraising dinner was held at Holy Eucharist Parish Centre on Saturday. All the tables were filled and the evening also was filled with good food, entertainment and a great spirit of fellowship in support of the K-8 school.

Sr. Darleane Pelechaty, SSMI who served as the MC throughout the evening introduced the dinner's theme of "Once Upon A Time" which touched upon timeless favourite nursery rhymes and children's songs. Archeparchial Syncellus Fr. Mark Gnutel, spoke on behalf of Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak who was away. After his greeting, Fr. Mark invited Metropolitan-emeritus M. Rev. Stefan Soroka to offer Grace.

The wonderful meal, provided by Bergmann's on Lombard, was enjoyed by all.

The principal entertainment component, besides Sister Darleane's singing and humorous comments, was "Dancing with the Storybook Stars". This saw an IHMS personage performing with a former grad of the school. This included: Anton Azcueta (IHMS Student President) and Kristina Frykas ('93); Sr. Ruth Aney, SSMI (school teacher) and Emelia Radawetz ('08); and Mr Keven Dedio (Phys.Ed. teacher) and Natalia Karhut (former staff member).

The closing prayer was offered by School Director, Sr. Jean Zemliak, SSMI. Then, the moment not a few were waiting for... the silent auction and 50/50 draws were conducted by Dinner Committee members: Principal Mr. Rod Picklyk; Mr. Tim McGinn; Mr. Leo Rogelio.

Many volunteers from the School's parents, students and staff were on hand to help make the evening a success, not to mention the many that dedicated so much time well prior to the evening. There were those that sponsored the event by reserving whole tables for their guests. There were several firms and individuals of various categories that very generously sponsored the event. May the evening be a success in contributing to IHMS and its programs. May our good Lord continue to richly bless IHMS with wonderful families, students, staff and volunteers.


The closing thank-you and prayer by School Director Sr. Jean Zemliak, SSMI

"Слава Ісусу Христу!

What an inspiring and God-filled evening! An evening filled with joy, laughter, inspirations, enthusiasm, memories, sharing of talents and support.

On behalf of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, we wish to express our deep gratitude:

- to all of you, friends and supporters of the Sisters and of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, for your concerted effort to be present and for your generous contributions that you make both personally and financially. None of this would be possible without your support.

- to all that worked so hard to make this happen: Mr. Rod Picklyk, Principal; the staff; Teachers; Parents; and Students; Mr. Jason Brennan, Board Chair; and Members; Parents Guild; and Volunteers.

- to our generous Sponsors and Contributors;

- to our Lubov Foundation for its support of the Sisters' Missions;

- to our caterers for this delicious meal; and

- to our entertainers (we would have all liked to have our turn to dance with the stars), and

- to our very own Mistress of Ceremonies Mother Goose (Sr Darleane) and her wonderful cast. Let us give them all another big hand!

I hope that you all leave here with a stronger sense of the importance of maintaining Immaculate Heart of Mary School and of the importance of the education of our children. I also invite you to take on the responsibility of encouraging all our families with children that presently do not attend the school to consider taking advantage of the great privilege that is open to them. If we do not let God build us, then we labour in vain. And what a great common goal we have than the education of our children!

A recipe for how Catholics/Christians can 'take over the world' for God, and very quickly, is Christ's way.... Treat each person as Christ in your midst and ask them to do the same with people they meet (sort of like the chain-letter concept). We have such tremendous power and influence. If we worked and sacrificed together according to Christ's way - we would have our churches and schools filled in no time. Think about this.

May the Heavenly Father bless each one of you with His choicest blessings, and your loved ones and all your friends. Please join me in praying the "Hail Mary"...."



"Immaculate Heart of Mary School provides an educational environment which allows for academic, spiritual, cultural, social, physical, and emotional growth. Gospel values are integrated into the school program in order to promote Ukrainian Catholic, Christian values in everyday life. Emphasis is placed on the development of affirmation, positive self-concept, human dignity, and respect for self and all of God's creations."

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