March 6, 2019


March 6 to April 14

Form the first Wednesday of the Great Fast to Palm Sunday

The very successful '40 Days for Life' movement begins its 2019 effort today in many cities in Canada, the U.S. and throughout the world. This will not be reported in the secular media, because they simply don't report such things. However, unless you are in tune with the importance of the pro-life movement, you may not even hear much about the start of this annual effort in your favourite Catholic news source or in your parishes. This is because the very nature of 40-Days is to be a quiet, prayerful and peaceful witness that life is the only answer. It is a seemingly low-key approach, but very powerful. The reported number of hearts and souls that are moved would surprise anyone - and that does not take into account the probably thousands more passersby that see the small group of huddled or walking witnesses on the sidewalk.

The effort lasts from today - the First Wednesday of the Great Fast [or Ash Wednesday] - right up through Palm Sunday. i.e. March 6 through April 14. See the movement's principal website [HERE] for more information. Watch the video below. And, especially... let us join the effort by dedicating a good portion of our Lenten prayer and fasting toward the goals of 40-Days for Life. Whether we choose to go and walk for an hour at the designated site [in Winnipeg: traditionally the women's pavilion at the Health Sciences Centre] or simply pray at our local parish church or at home or on the bus.... we all can do something and believe it! - our 'something' WILL make a difference!

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