December 19, 2018

Rossburn Parish Children Express the Mystery of the Incarnation With.... Lego!

Among the many programs of the vibrant Sacred Heart Parish in Rossburn, Manitoba, they also hold catechism and Bible study classes for children. Now, as every parish knows, things become very busy around a major feast like that of the Nativity of Our Lord - a.k.a. Christmas - and schedules are rearranged and somethings are even canceled. This is what happened to the children's Bible Study group that was to take place on Wednesday, December 19th. The class was just canceled. It was to be a very special class as the children were asked to bring a representation of the Nativity in art... a drawing, a painting, cut-and-paste, blocks, books, whatever. Well, the class was canceled and so the art would not be shown and, let's face it, it could very well slip through the cracks of the busy Christmas season.

Well, their concerned parish priest, Fr. Mykhaylo Khomitskyy, didn't want the wonderful art to simply disappear or be disassembled before anyone saw it. He was truly amazed at what the children did. What did they do? Well see in the attachments a few examples.... a sketch and two different Nativity models made of.... Lego blocks! Where there's a will and some great imagination... there's a way. God bless the children and their families.

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