November 24, 2018


The Archeparchy experienced a evening of happiness and hope for the Church in Manitoba as Walter Dudych, who oversees the Reception at the Archeparchial Chancery, was ordained to the minor orders by Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak. Walter, who lives in Beausejour, completed his philosophy and theology studies at universities in Toronto, Rome and Ottawa, went on to serve a number of years in lay chaplaincy and in the corrections services. His special calling never drifted far from his mind. His heart and soul always belonged to Christ and His Church and whatever Walter did and does, is motivated by a pastoral spirit.

With Metropolitan Lawrence's encouraging openness to the prospect of Walter moving ahead with his long-time dream of serving the Church in ordained ministry, a mutually agreed upon date and occasion was finally established. Ordinations to sacred orders are usually set to take place in the context of the Divine Liturgy, but not necessarily so - especially for the "minor orders" that occasionally take place at, say, vespers, molebens or other prayers services. The event chosen at which Walter would be ordained Subdeacon was a solemn prayer service at Winnipeg's Holy Eucharist Parish church to remember the tragic genocide of the Ukrainian people known as the 'Holodomor'. Although the annual Holodomor event is usually a sad and solemn experience, the ordination of Walter painted bright streaks of light and hope across the usually somber hue of the remembrance service. Very simply, because the Holodomor could only happen in a godless, hopeless society. With another person stepping forward to say "yes" to the Lord and give his life to serving and spreading Christ's Gospel message of honesty, life and love.... there is cause for renewed hope.

At the ordination, with the immediate assistance of Chancellor Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski, who served as "archdeacon" and Protodeacon Stefan Tyrawsky, Metropolitan Lawrence raised Walter to the minor orders of 'candle-bearer (acolyte)', 'Reader (Lector)', 'Cantor' and, finally, 'Subdeacon'. The congregation very much appreciated Metropolitan's comments throughout the ordination ceremony in which he explained what was happening and what it meant.

Ladies of Holy Eucharist Parish helped decorate the Church for the event and, with the glad cooperation and help from the residents at Kildonan Horizons, they prepared and served a wonderful reception that included a specially made cake at the Kildonan Horizons 55+ residential high-rise event room. Everyone that attended the ordination and Holodomor event came over - the Sisters Servants, the members of the Macenko Memorial Male Choir, the clergy and many guests.

A number of other clergy came out to be present for the event, including Metropolitan Emeritus of Philadelphia Archbishop Stefan Soroka, long-time friend of Walter; Fr. Larry Kondra, CSsR, the Provincial Superior of the Redemptorist Fathers with whom Walter spent a number of years and maintains and special friendship; and (now) fellow Subdeacon Anton Sloboda. Walter had a connection with all the priests present. Either they were together in seminary or novitiate at some point or Walter had assisted them as some time or other in their pastoral duties. As mentioned above, Walter loves the Church and helps out wherever and whenever he can. God willing - in the not too distance future - he will be concelebrating with the clergy as a brother priest and serving the People of God of the Archeparchy as parish priest where the need is greatest. Keep Subdeacon Walter in your prayer.

Axios! ἄξιος! Аксіос!

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