October 4, 2017


At the Chancery of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg, the days are pretty full and usually quite rigorous as presently only four days - Monday to Thursday - are 'open' (приймальні) days and Friday is for internal matters (внутрішні справи) and for special appointments. So the staff, which comes in at varying hours and days tries to complete everything in the given time.

However, as with any staff in any administration... there are coffee breaks and the occasional office party - like at Christmas and a summer outing. It is at the coffee break that staff is able to get together and share stories and talk about what is happening with them and their families and in their parishes. It is also at these breaks that sometimes besides coffee/tea… a cake might be added in celebration of a staff-member's birthday or other significant milestone.

Today, for example, the staff that was on site, came together to celebrate the birthday of the Chancery receptionist, Walter Dudych.

Earlier in the week, a large pumpkin was delivered to Fr. Yaroslav Buduykevych. It was actually for his little daughter Katrusya, who had won it at the ‘praznyk' raffle, the day before, at the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rossdale, where Father Yaroslav serves. The staff was impressed with the size and Fr. Yaroslav was happy to receive it. (perhaps as a father of a little girl, Fr. Yaroslav is thinking that if he plants the seeds so that a pumpkin this size is available in the future, albeit many years from now, it could come in handy according to Ukrainian folk custom…*)


* It is a Ukrainian folk tradition that when a girl decides to turn down an engagement proposal, she presents the suitor a pumpkin! [Source HERE]

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