September 10, 2016

Premiere of "The Camps" - a video series about Canada's first national internment operations

A video series called "The Camps," prepared by Canadian Ukrainian film-maker and long-time UCCLA member Ryan Boyko, premiered Thursday. Illuminating the experiences of thousands of Ukrainians and other Europeans unjustly confined during Canada's first national internment operations, these short videos evocatively combine archival photographs with interviews featuring internee descendants, academics and local residents, shot on location at each of the 24 internment camp sites found across Canada. 

Commenting on this project, UCCLA's chairman, Roman Zakaluzny, said: "Decades ago, UCCLA spearheaded the campaign that led, in 2008, to the Government of Canada finally acknowledging what happened during the Great War and setting up the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund, which has provided the resources for this commemorative and educational film series. We are very pleased to see Ryan’s finished product, as these videos will most certainly help to remind all Canadians of what the innocents who were branded as "enemy aliens" had to endure between 1914-1920, not because of any wrong they had done but only because of who they were and where they came from. On behalf of UCCLA's members and supporters, we congratulate Ryan on his achievement."

The first video in the series dealing with the Mara Lake internment camp in British Columbia can be viewed here:

The first video in the series dealing with the Mara Lake internment camp in British Columbia can otherwise be accessed here MARA LAKE CAMP Please like and subscribe to Armistice Films’ Youtube channel.

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