Summer Catechism at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Ukrainian Catholic Church of Rossburn

August 15, 2016

Summer camp, "Happy Holidays With God", took place in Rossburn, MB, from August 1st to 6th, 2016 under the spiritual care of the local priest, Fr. Mykhaylo, Dobrodiyka Iryna Khomitska and twelve parent volunteers who worked with 45 children who attended Catechism.

During the week, children listened to catechism lessons, prepared for First Holy Communion, participated in the Divine Liturgy and the Sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist. This was followed by dancing and singing, playing games, bouncing/jumping , various crafts and a delicious lunch.

The camp program was intense, interesting and instructive. Each day began with a Divine Liturgy and a short homily which helped to better understand the Word of God and also the Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. 

In the afternoon, the children played a variety of team games where they learned how to be friendly, fair and honest.  Another important moment at Catechism that united and established friendly relations between camp participants was the water day.  Trying to teach the children to understand the meaning and temporality of our life was done by performing a variety of magic tricks.

The culmination of Catechism was the celebration of the First Holy Confession and Solemn Holy Communion for 6 children which coincided with the Feast of the Transfiguration.  Having confessed their sins and receiving spiritual instruction, children received the Most Precious Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May the Good Lord bless, protect and watch over them all the days of their Lives.  Многая Літа!

On behalf of the children, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Knights of Columbus who sponsored the t-shirts, the parish for organizing lunches of hot dogs and hamburgers, UCWLC and Sisterhood for a delicious luncheon and cake, as well as the people of good will for providing the cotton candy machine for the children.  A special thank you goes out to all the donors and parents of our vibrant parish who made this catechism possible for the children to encounter the Living Jesus Christ our Savior.

We hope that everyone had a very nice time.  We look forward to next year. God bless you all!


Fr. Mykhaylo Khomitskyy

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