May Your Lenten Journey Be Spiritually Fruitful

February 23, 2016

This past week (February 19th-21st),  Father Mykhaylo and the lay faithful welcomed into their parishes (St. Mary’s, Russell and Holy Eucharist, Oakburn) a distinguished speaker and Heiromonk (Priest/Monk), Father Teodosy (Kraychuk).

As the retreat master, Father Teodosy engaged the faithful in theological and philosophical thought referencing the words and life of St. Irenaeus: “The glory of God is man fully alive, but the life of men is the vision of God.” Drawing from the aforesaid maxim, Father Teodosy reinforced the faithful with inspirational accounts from the lives of Saints and teachings of our pronounced Catholic faith that left the faithful not only stimulated and encouraged, but also refreshed and edified. By his gift of presence and aptitude of speech, Father Teodosy brought the Kingdom of God a little more proximate; giving the lay faithful a foretaste of Heaven.

As we continue to traverse this Great Fast may we be relentless in opening our minds and hearts to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit who favours attentiveness, and seek the solitary prayer that can only be discovered in silence. As a community of faithful we wish Father Teodosy many years of health, happiness, unwavering fortitude and faith. 

Shaun Shmyr

May your Lenten journey will be spiritually fruitful so that you may share every joy in His third-day Resurrection.

Rossburn Pastoral District
Pastor Fr. Mykhaylo Khomitskyy

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