June 14, 2024

On a sunny Sunday of June 9, 2024, the Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Winnipeg commemorated a significant milestone: its 90th anniversary. Located at 1001 Grant Avenue, this historic occasion was marked by a series of heartwarming events that brought together the church's community, past and present.

The celebration began with a procession, a symbolic gesture that embodied the unity and faith of the congregation. Members of the church greeted the guests with the traditional offering of bread, a gesture of hospitality deeply rooted in Ukrainian culture.

The highlight of the anniversary was the Divine Liturgy, celebrated by Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak OSBM, of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg. Clergy from both the city and rural parishes joined in the celebration, emphasizing the widespread impact and enduring legacy of the Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church. The liturgy was a deep expression of gratitude, faith, and hope, resonating deeply with all attendees.

Following the Divine Liturgy, a banquet was held, offering a time for fellowship and reflection. Attendees enjoyed a meal together, sharing stories and memories.

Fr. Mark Gnutel, a former pastor of the parish, shared fond memories during the banquet. He particularly reminisced about the musical "Perogy Supper Miracle" by Danny Schur, which had been a significant cultural event for the parish. His reflections brought smiles and laughter, as he recounted the joyous moments.

The current pastor, Fr. Volodymyr Bashutskyy, expressed his gratitude for the numerous groups within the parish. He acknowledged their hard work and dedication, which have been instrumental in the church's ongoing success. Fr. Volodymyr also highlighted a major recent achievement: the completion of an elevator project. This addition not only enhances accessibility but also symbolizes the parish's commitment to inclusivity and growth. Looking ahead, Fr. Volodymyr Bashutskyy spoke with optimism about the future, expressing hope and enthusiasm for the continued vitality of the Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The 90th anniversary of the Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church in Winnipeg was a heartfelt celebration that honored its rich history and looked forward to a promising future. Through the Divine Liturgy, the banquet, and the shared memories, the event encapsulated the enduring faith, unity, and community spirit of the parish. As the church moves into its next decade, it does so with a strong foundation of shared experiences and a hopeful vision for what lies ahead.

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