April 18, 2023



A shipment of the English language version of the New Ukrainian Catholic Youth Catechism - "WE WALK WITH CHRIST" - has arrived at the Chancery offices of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg. The Ukrainian version came out almost two years ago with an extraordinary presentation in the city of Lviv at the major Seminary of the Holy Spirit. [see video HERE]. With the help of the charitable organization "Church in Need", an English language translation and adaptation was made from the Ukrainian original "Ми Йдемо з Христом". It was made through the Edmonton Eparchy and printed here in Manitoba! [The Bishop of Edmonton, Most Rev. David Motiuk, is presently serving as the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church's Patriarchal Catechism Commission.]

We Walk With Christ, somewhat inspired by Pope Benedict XVI's very successful "YouCat" youth catechism, does a great job of staying focused on its primary readership - young members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. The truths are universal, of course, and will speak to every soul, however, the imagery and the examples will especially touch the hearts of those associated with or familiar with the spirit of the Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic expression of the Faith.

This is an exciting new publication. The proposal is that the clergy of the Archeparchy will review it at the next clergy conference and then make it available to everyone - especially young adults and teenagers for whom it was designed. Bishop David gives a brief explanation of the unique Q&A approach of the Youth Catechism HERE.

This youth catechism will surely be translated into the various languages predominantly used wherever Ukrainian Catholics have settled - even before the millions poured out of Ukraine due to the horrific war. For now, however, it is available in Ukrainian (even a very user-friendly online version HERE) and in English. We look forward to the wider distribution of this publication very soon as it will help countless people better know and formulate their faith within their own lives and... when they want to share it with others.

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