January 31, 2023


The clergy of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg gathered at the parish auditorium of St. Anne's Parish to informally meet and welcome the Archeparchy's new Auxiliary Bishop - Most Reverend Andriy Rabiy! When plans were being made as to the best way to welcome Bishop Andriy into Manitoba, the Archbishop of Winnipeg, His Grace Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, had suggested that one of the events should be a gathering with all the clergy of the Archeparchy. It was further decided that it would take place after the whole Christmas/Yordan season and there for closer to Lent. So... a sort of Pushchennya - which was, in fact, the spirit of the event.


The first past was a Moleben' in Winnipeg's North Kildonan at the parish church of Saint Anne - which, interiorily has a decidedly Capathian-Hutsul character. Bishop Andriy led the Moleben' and preached a homily in which he shared personal insights and theological inspiration for those gathered. Metropolitan Lawrence joined the clergy to lead them in the responses.


The clergy moved into the auditorium for an amazing meal prepared by two accomplished chefs from the Saint-Boniface Archdiocese and Maxim's Restaurant who are personal friends of the Pastor of St. Anne's Fr. Mark Gnutel. Father Mark served as the jovial host of the event - engaging everyone in entertainment, fun and games. Members of the Parish branch of the Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Canada graciously served the meal.


There were some fun games and contests in which clergy and even our bishops good-naturedly participated. One of the winners was Redemptorist Father, Frank Szadiak who was popularly acclaimed as the best musician for his rendition of Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star on the musical bells. Chancellor Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski spoke a few words of welcome on behalf of the clergy, but everyone took advantage of the opportunity to personally welcome Bishop Andriy to the Archeparchy.


Metropolitan Lawrence has already appointed Bishop Andriy to certain responsibilities within the Archeparchy and there will certainly be more to come. In the mean time, the new Auxiliary Bishop has been visiting parishes and meeting the clergy and faithful around the province.

Вітаємо Вас, Владико Андрію!

Дай Бог Вам успіхів у душпастирському служінні!


A bit of trivia.... Every Bishop must be a bishop of some "See", whether present-day or even historical. Since "Winnipeg" already has an active Archbishop in the person of Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak (well, and Archbishop Richard Gagnon for the Latin-rite Catholics, but that's another story), Bishop Andriy Rabiy must be the bishop of another See. Which one? An active See can't be created for him here in Manitoba - like Beausejour or Dauphin, because he is supposed to be an assistant to the Archbishop-Metropolitan of Winnipeg and not a bishop of a different See. Well, what the practice has been (for various reasons) is that the Church appoints an auxiliary bishop, like Bishop Andriy, to a "Titular" See that still exists on record and may be re-activated some day if circumstances changed, but for now it is basically dormant or inactive. So Bishop Andriy is also the Bishop of the ancient See of Germaniciana in today's northern Tunisia! As mentioned above, it is presently not an active See, but it is famous as once being the Episcopal See of the great Saint Cyprian! Saint Cyprian is known for such quotes as, "No one can have God for his Father, who has not the Church for his mother." and "There is one God and one Christ, and one Church, and one Chair founded on Peter by the word of the Lord. It is not possible to set up another altar or for there to be another priesthood besides that one altar and that one priesthood. Whoever has gathered elsewhere is scattering." Also, Bishop Rabiy, as Bishop of Germaniciana, was preceded by another Ukrainian Catholic Hierarch - the present Bishop of Chicago, Most. Rev. Venedykt Aleksiychuk.

[sub-trivia: When the late Bishop Roman Danylak was appointed to serve as the temporary "Administrator" (not yet the 'Eparch') of the Eparchy of Toronto, he was appointed as the Bishop of the "titular see" of Nyssa. Yes, that Nyssa made famous back in the day by the Cappadocian Father St. Gregory. Bishop Danylak said that we would try to visit the place of his titular See which is now in the heart of present-day Turkey. Did he ever make it? That's not known. He reposed in the Lord in 2012.]

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