December 17, 2022


2023 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity here in Winnipeg from January 18-25

The theme and resources for 2023 have been prepared by a group of Christians convened by the Minnesota Council of Churches in the USA. In the context of praying together for Christian unity, the 2023 theme, "Do good; seek justice" (Isaiah 1:17), invites us to reflect on what unites us and to commit ourselves to confront oppression and division amongst humanity. God expects us as Christians to unite in a shared responsibility for equity for all God's children as we bring the Good News of God's love in Christ to a broken world in need of healing.

With the 2023 Week of Prayer just a month away, a preparation committee has organized a City-wide Ecumenical Worship Service to be held at 7:30 pm on Sunday evening, January 22, 2023 at Saint John XXIII Church, Winnipeg. It is hoped that - as in the past - other communities will be inspired to host Week of Prayer events in 2024 and on a rotating basis in the years beyond.

Church leaders (i.e. bishops, moderators, presbytery chairs, etc. and/or their representatives) are invited to join with Archbishop Richard Gagnon in leading the worship during the City-wide Ecumenical Worship Service on January 22nd.

As done in earlier years, an "Ecumenical Choir" is being organized for the event. Information concerning rehearsal times is included on one of the posters. Suggested bulletin announcements concerning choir rehearsals and the ecumenical worship service are also provided.

In addition to the above-mentioned January 22 event it is suggested that churches/ congregations around the city and in the rural areas to prepare and host a simple WPCU prayer service or WPCU bible study for Christians in their own congregation/ parish and even others in their neighbourhood. For those who wish to do this, WPCU resources are available online at www.weekofprayer.ca

May our prayers for unity bring us into closer communion with all our brothers and sisters in Christ and in greater solidarity with people all around the world.

- Planning committee for the Winnipeg Celebration of the 2023 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity


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