August 30, 2022


August 15-21 was a week full of firsts. It was our first St. Basil's catechism children's camp. Despite the camp being full of unknowns, we made a schedule that the kids would love while giving them a safe space to express their religion. Our theme for the camp was "God be merciful to me a sinner." Each catechism teacher had a group, there were 5 groups in total with ages ranging from 2-17, and as the week progressed, we as teachers watched the kids excel in their faith and grow closer to God while understanding sin, confession, and the power of prayer. Each morning Father Mykhaylo would open our camp with a beautiful Divine Liturgy. It was exciting to see the kids get more comfortable with responses as the week progressed, and as teachers it filled our hearts to see the church pews so full of excitement and youth. After, we would break out for recess and go to our individual lessons. In the lessons we not only watched them grow and develop in their faith as individuals but also as a group who for the week turned into a mini family. Outside of lessons, we spent a lot of time in big groups where we made a balloon rosary and dedicated the prayer to Ukraine. Another day we made our own rosaries, icons, designed shirts with Jesus on it, and even had a water fight where the kids loved running around after the long week. Our volunteers and grandparents of the parish were very thoroughly involved in helping with lunches, organizing events, and even entertaining the younger kids. It was truly a beautiful space for sisters and brothers in Christ of all ages. As a catechism teacher, it was a week full of reflections, as I never had an opportunity like this growing up. I loved watching the smiles on the kids faces, the bonds that grew between everyone and most definitely the love that they all shared for God. The week ended with our annual Cook's Creek walking Pilgrimage where we had 35 pilgrims aging from 8 months old to 80 years old. It was a week full of God's mercy and I cannot wait until next year's camp. God bless everyone the guidance of everyone throughout the week, from Father Mykhaylo to Iryna, our catechism teachers, and all our volunteers.

- Megan Morant

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