August 11, 2022


Two of the Priests serving the Archeparchy of Winnipeg caught the eye of the media for their people-friendly and, well, fun, approach to sharing the faith and building community. They are not unique in their dedication among the clergy of Archeparchy throughout Manitoba, but their efforts will surely be of interest and inspiration to parishes throughout the province.


Father Ihor Shved, the Rector of the Cathedral Parish of Sts Volodymyr and Olha, has had his hands full with many of the newcomers coming to Winnipeg making their way to the Cathedral. However, he manages with the help of the many enthusiastic volunteers that he inspires to step up. One of the interesting events that he recently had at the Cathedral was a blessing of the parishioners' vehicles. With Winnipeg roads not sparing any potholes and with many families doing more travelling during the last month of summer - many parishioners were happy to have their means of transportation given that extra blessing for safety and perhaps for that bit of additional assurance that the car will make it all the way from point "A" to "B". It was a fun occasion and it brought everyone together on the streets around the Cathedral. [The Winnipeg Free Press article can be accessed HERE]



While out in western Manitoba (Dauphin Deanery), Father Jay Korban designed a unique "passport system" to encourage everyone in his Rossburn Pastoral District to make it to all the Parish "Praznyks" (i.e. Feastdays) of the many churches that he serves in his area. Summer time in Rural Manitoba means a lot of parish get-togethers at the hundreds of little churches sprinkled around the province. Many of those churches were built by pioneers and were once thriving little centres. Some of the families associated with those parish and mission churches are striving to keep them going, but not a few of them hold very infrequent services. For some it might mean the odd funeral for someone who wants to be laid to rest back near the church of their younger days. However, often enough the people associated with a small rural church will strive to arrange an annual parish feast that sees people come back home from around the province and even from other parts of the country. These are always happy events of memories, meeting up with old acquaintances, thanking the Lord for all His grace and, invariably, sharing some great country food. Father Jay, designed a "Praznyk Passport" system - reminiscent of the Folklorama "passport" of the past - where every church has a page and you can get it stamped as you make the effort to join each parish for its annual praznyk. This enjoyed a success that will only grow - God willing - in years to come. It gave the faithful a bit of an excuse and inspiration to make the rounds Sunday after Sunday to come together with a neighbouring community (probably half full of relatives anyway) to celebrate their still strong pioneer faith, enjoy each other's company and look toward a somewhat brighter and more united future. [The Winnipeg Free Press article can be accessed HERE]

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