August 11, 2022


Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, as the 'local hierarch' in Winnipeg, has officially accepted the request by the Postulator for the cause of the canonization of Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska, to investigate whether a miracle occurred within the Archeparchy through the intercession of the saintly nun. Blessed Josaphata, the cofounder of the Ukrainian Catholic Congregation of women of consecrated life - the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate - was declared "Blessed" by Pope St. John Paul II in Ukraine in 2001. This declaration allows us to venerate the good Sister and celebrate her extraordinary life for Christ. It also puts her only one step away from being declared a "Saint" and worthy of veneration by the whole Church forever.

There are apparently other alleged miracles associated with the intercession of Blessed Josaphata. However, the Postulator, Sr. Luiza Ciupa, SSMI, who is based in Rome, had learned about the incident in Manitoba and after her preliminary investigation asked the local hierarch - Metropolitan Lawrence - to initiate a complete investigation according to the canonical norms established by the Vatican. After reviewing the circumstances, the Metropolitan agreed to do so. Such an investigation can be a lengthy process, but much groundwork has already been done. So, it is hoped that the work of the formal "Tribunal" will be accomplished this year.

In his decree of accepting the request for an investigation, Metropolitan Lawrence, explained that "the faithful are invited to pray that the inquiry will proceed uninhibited and with the full cooperation of all associated parties" and that it will all successfully conclude "with a verification of the facts according to the Will of the Lord". The Decree also contained the additional comments that, "not only has [Blessed Josaphata's] life provided inspiration to all followers of Christ, but many throughout the world have found solace by their prayer and devotions to this holy woman. We encourage all the faithful to make time to explore the life and spiritual legacy of Blessed Josaphata and continue to seek the Lord's grace through her intercession."

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