August 1, 2022


Just over a year ago, the Bishop of the Eparchy of Sambir-Drohobych in western Ukraine, Most Reverend Yaroslav Pryriz and Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg entered a discussion about how a Canadian Archeparchy could best offer some support to a growing eparchy in Ukraine. The subject immediately went to modern social communications and how awesome it would be to have quality technology and equipment available to already dedicated individuals. The amazing thing is that so many people in Ukraine are knowledgeable about the newest technology in media and communications and would have no problem operating the newest systems to the fullest effectiveness, but they just need to have access to the equipment. (Interestingly, this is an often-heard appeal of the Ukrainian military since the beginning of Russia's brutal invasion...).

Well, the good Bishop Yaroslav was asked to have his people put together an essential "wish list" of what they would need to get this modern media studio off the ground. He did so, and, as a dollar can go much further in Ukraine than Canada, Metropolitan Lawrence was able to cover the whole proposed budget with earmarked donations from within the Archeparchy of Winnipeg.

It took a bit of time as the facility needed to be prepared, and equipment acquired - and, needless to say, over the last five months, attention was turned elsewhere. However, on June 16th the media centre had been sufficiently set up to have a "grand opening" of sorts at which Bishop Yaroslav blessed the new centre, the new staff and, of course, all their endeavours in proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel and Christ's living Church. In fact, they named the Centre - "Blahovist'", which means the Good News!

Bishop Yaroslav wrote a very kind and gracious letter to Metropolitan Lawrence to express his gratitude that the Winnipeg Archbishop truly understood the importance of quality mass social communications to reach our media-saturated society. Metropolitan Lawrence has not only encouraged his own clergy to get with the whole livestreaming need and online meetings etc., but he recently also approved of a new media "team" of individuals to see to the Archeparchy's communication needs via websites, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

In his letter to Metropolitan Lawrence, Bishop Yaroslav gave an essential report of what they did to bring the Media Centre to life. He also shared his great hope that the Media Centre, which is already fully operational, will serve in effectively sharing the Word of God and in bringing words of encouragement and strength to the people of Ukraine who so desperately need this now more than ever.


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