July 19, 2022


We find ourselves on the eve of another historic Papal Visit to Canada! This visit is an occasion at which all Canadians will take notice and will surely be blessed in one way or another. One of the greatest blessings that we look forward to is the advancement of the cause for the reconciliation between Canada's First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities and the Catholic Church in Canada.

For this historic visit to be a success the organizers are seeking support from all people of goodwill in a big way and smaller ways - by our prayer.... interest... and financial support. We are all asked to consider the following information (and do click on the poster above to access the colourful brochure!)

This is an update on the fundraising initiatives which are currently underway to support the costs for the Papal Visit in Canada that will be incurred by the CCCB and the Dioceses of Canada.

Major Gift Solicitation

In the lead up to the Papal Visit, a major gift solicitation strategy has been underway in the areas of Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia to approach individual and corporate donors. The attached brochure has been used to communicate the financial needs that the Church will be responsible for in the planning of the apostolic journey of the Pope to Canada from July 24 - 29, 2022. We have currently reached over 30% of the $15 M + estimated costs.

Church Lay Institutions & Religious Communities

The CCCB has reached out to lay organizations such as the Knights of Columbus (KC), the Catholic Women's League (CWL) and others to ask for major gifts. In addition, a direct appeal by letter has been made through the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC) to their members for similar gifts or donations to cover the expense of the Papal Visit. The initial response has been also very encouraging.

CCCB Donation

The CCCB Permanent Council also approved in June 2022 a donation of $1.5M from the Pastoral Fund to the costs of the Papal Visit.

General Fundraising Initiatives

General fundraising has also been underway through the Papal Visit website.

Local dioceses have also undertaken to communicate through their website the various ways in which parishioners can participate in giving their financial contributions towards the costs of the Holy Father's historic visit to Canada. All donations go directly to supporting the logistical costs for the papal visit, which is being organized almost entirely by volunteers.

The attached is an example of how each diocese in Canada can communicate through their local website how parishioners can participate and donate to the Papal Visit.

Website Communication "As the Church, it is our shared responsibility to facilitate this apostolic journey and the planning that it entails. There are many costs associated with the papal visit which are the direct responsibility of the Church, and we need your help to ensure the financial means that will further support this journey of healing and reconciliation with our Indigenous brothers and sisters. To make a donation, please visit our website, papalvisit.ca, or contact your local diocese."

General Secretary

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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