July 1, 2022

"We cannot speak about family without talking about the importance of the elderly among us,"




The Prayer Intention that Pope Francis proposes for July 2022 is that we all "PRAY FOR THE ELDERLY".

In spite of the contrary promises of the secularists and humanists, we find ourselves in a world that has not become more humane and socially kinder, but rather one that has become ever more impersonal, selfish and cold. Patience, openness and respect have worn very thin for much of society.

For example, we gaze in disbelief at the violent rage of a portion of society in reaction to the recent ruling of the American Supreme Court that Abortion is not a positive "right", but rather that society needs to contemplate what abortion really means and then, on a local level, decide how to respond. It is surely impossible to see how rage and violent protest could be an acceptable reaction to the declaration that the life of the innocent and vulnerable is deserving of protection.

Then on the other end of the spectrum we see governments and medical institutions ready to provide and promote the ending of the lives of the elderly and infirm. M.A.I.D. (assisted suicide) has been around for at least five years now. This attitude and practice was coldly ushered into society with no regard to the extremely valid counterarguments that were presented. Already in the short while that legal euthanasia was merely "made available", it is fast moving toward becoming more the social obligation toward family and society. How vulnerable are those who feel that society and perhaps even family members may be giving them a hint that "it is time to unburden those around you as much as yourself".

This is wholly unchristian and has no place in a society or in an individual heart that is truly open to the Divine Word of God and the authentic teachings of His Church. But this is hardly just a "Christian" issue or just a "religious" issue. It is also a "spiritual" issue for anyone who values life - especially human life. Occasionally a couple in a movie expresses the romantic concept that they want to "grow old together". Yes, that is one of the joys and commitments of the adventure of life - growing old. We look forward to growing old together with loved ones and in a society that values its elderly. As we grow older we (hopefully) grow in experience and wisdom. We Learn the real mysteries and goals of life. Sure, we make mistakes, but then we also learn how to reconcile and mend. And this provides the possibility of sharing all this wisdom and love with children, grandchildren or the next generation coming up after you.

We not only want to have our elderly among us, we need them! Some would have us accept that the elderly can be a burden on our individual freedom and on our finances. That's an erroneous premise from the start. The same error that says a pregnancy is a burden on women, couples or on society. Rather, both the inevitability of children and our getting old are simply indisputable facts of life. Every person requires and deserves attention and sufficient material and financial support. With the right mindset, we see this as a blessing. Yes, perhaps the reality is somewhat not what we had imagined. Getting old and caring for the elderly, like many things in life, is not something that we give a lot of thought to until it happens. But when it happens, we can and do - deal with it. With prayer, trust in the Lord's ways and, yes, with a bit of planning and sharing of the challenges... our own aging and that of those around us loses its scariness and onerousness. We see life more realistically and we see it in the light of the ongoing blessings from our Lord and as part of His amazing plan of life eternal.

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Watch as Pope Francis presents his July 2022 prayer intention: 'For the elderly'



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