March 13, 2022

A Lenten Mission with Intensive Prayers for Ukraine!

We welcomed Bishop Peter Stasiuk to St. Basil the Great Parish in Winnipeg's west end on Friday evening with approximately 41 people in attendance. Saturday attendance was approximately 25. Sunday, we had two liturgies with 49 people in attendance at 9:00 AM and 42 at 11:00 AM.

The Mission began with a Memorial Service 'Sorokousty' on Friday evening. Upon the request of Patriarch Sviatoslav, the congregation at St. Basil's prayed for all the countless innocent Ukrainian victims, killed. Those brave men and women - at least 79 children among them, the elderly, the soldiers and especially those who were recently buried in a mass graves in the city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine. At the same time we kept in our prayers our deceased parishioners, loved ones, family members and those who have no one to pray for them.


Bishop Stasiuk introduced the topic for the Mission as "the most important thing" - the BIBLE. Over the first two days the former Bishop of Australia explained what the Bible is, what part it plays in our life, how it has been regarded in the past and how it will be in the future. He spoke how the Bible is reflected and relevant in our Ukrainian Catholic faith. We must rediscover our biblical traditions that we already have, while making ours a church of the future. Bishop Stasiuk explained how different churches use and study the Bible today. The Bible is best witnessed in our community by prayer. We "live it and pray it". He spoke on the importance of Icons in our life. They are another language in the translation of the Bible.


Next day, on the Lenten All Souls Saturday, Divine Liturgy with Panakhyda were celebrated by Most Rev. Bishop Emeritus Peter Stasiuk and our Parish Priest Fr. Mykhaylo Khomitskyy. The intention was the same: for our deceased loved one and for all who were killed during ongoing war in Ukraine.


Before the second Mission Session, a Prayer for Healing was read and all participants received anointing for healing of soul and body.

On Sunday, Bishop Stasiuk spoke of how Covid has affected the life of people in the churches. We could overcome this by prayers, unity and be missionaries in spirit in our parish. A vibrant parish forms one holy catholic Church. We will stand-up and live in strength again.


During the three days, many parishioners and friends of St. Basil's received the Sacrament of Confession, as a preparation for the approaching feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord.

We Thank Bishop Peter Stasiuk for agreeing to visit our Parish and conduct at our 2022 Lenten Mission. May God Bless Him as he continues on his journey to preach at missions at other Parishes.

Rose Olinyk


"Do not worry about what might happen tomorrow. The same loving Father who cares for you today will care for you tomorrow and everyday. Either he will shield you from suffering or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace then and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings." (St. Francis De Sales)

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