July 1, 2021

Changes to clergy appointments within the Archeparchy

Announced 24 June 2021, Effective 1 August 2021

The late Father Semen Izyk, one of our Archeparchy's post-World War II priests that came to Winnipeg via the Nazi prison camps (you must read his book) and went on to serve many years as the editor of Progress weekly newspaper and the publisher of many journals and materials. He was a small man in stature, but a determined fighter for all things Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Catholic. He was truly an institution in the history of the Archeparchy. One thing that endeared him to everyone was his quick sense of humour and his ever-ready unique smile.

One of his famous regular columns was the hilarious and witty extra editorial under the pseudonym "Sam Shylo" (Сам Шило). One of the most well remembered of these columns was printed in Progress/Postup in 1994 when quite a shake-up of clergy appointments occurred. Several the changes were unexpected at the time and raised not a few eyebrows. Fr. Izyk - i.e. "Sam Shylo" - wrote about the changes in an editorial that he entitled "Earthquake!". Some excerpts of this column in English translation are given below for your enjoyment.* But first... a notice about the latest changes in clergy pastoral appointments that were announced by Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak on June 24th, 2021. There was no "earthquake", but there were some significant changes....


His Grace , Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, has issued the clergy pastoral assignments that will take effect on Sunday, 1 August 2021. The affected clergy have been informed and letters have been sent to them as well as to the Chairpersons of the parish councils of the affected parishes.

The Changes....

Fr. Volodymyr Bashutskyy was appointed Parish Priest** for Holy Family Parish (Winnipeg)

Fr. Yaroslav Buduykevych, besides his pastoral care of the Protection of the Mother of God Parish (Rossdale) was appointed Administrator for - Gimli Interlake Pastoral District

Fr. Harry Chuckry retired from assigned pastoral duties, although he remains available for occasional assistance

Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski was appointed Parish Priest for Protection Mother of God Parish (Winnipeg)

Fr. Ivan Mostivsky was appointed Parish Priest for St. Andrew Parish (Winnipeg)

Fr. Yaroslav Strukhlyak was appointed Parish Priest for Nativity of the Mother of God Parish (Brandon) and Assumption Mother of God Parish (Portage La Prairie)

Fr. Michael Tkachuk retired from assigned pastoral duties, although he remains available for occasional assistance

Protodeacon Stefan Tyrawski was appointed for pastoral ministry in the Gimli Interlake Pastoral District

Fr. Michael Winn was appointed Parish Priest for Holy Eucharist Parish (Winnipeg)



Also Members of the Presbyterate of the Archeparchy:

Very Rev. Gabriel Haber - Provincial Superior of the Basilian Fathers OSBM


Most Rev. Archbishop-Emeritus Stefan Soroka

Rev. Nestor Baraniouk

Rev. Bohdan Borowec

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Michael Buyachok

Rev. Terry Cherwick (military)

Rev. Peter Chorney

Rev. Harry Chuckry

Rev. Canon Walter Klimchuk

Rev. Michael Krochak

Rev. Edward Kwiatkowski

Rev. Michael Tkachuk

Rev. Andrew Wach

Rev. Victor Yakowchuk

Deacon Victor Humniski

Deacon Gordon Mendres

Deacon Leon Twerdun


* Sam Shylo's letter to the Editor...

Upon translating the text, it became clear that as amusing as the article is and even though it was written over 25 years ago, it might still be too soon to revisit the text. Besides, so much is lost in translation.

Suffice it to say that Fr. Izyk in a witty way - employing silliness and an astute reading the atmosphere in the Archeparchy at the time - boldly wrote an account of the clergy appointments in that year. He spoke of a kind of vision that he had after blacking out from the "earthquake" that erupted when the unexpected, sweeping clergy changes were announced. He joked about the many aircraft that flew each priest to his new assignment. The type of aircraft and its flight pattern reflected the priest in question and his excitement or lack thereof with his new assignment.

Well, if you want to read the original, check your stack of old Postups up in your attic (27 March 1994).

The changes this 2021 year, are not really that surprising and there aren't very many changes actually. What they do suggest, however, is that we really could use a few more good men. There are presently some areas where there used to be two or even more priests and now there are... none. The clergy are doing their best to take up the slack. The faithful are understanding for the most part. Yet one has to wonder.... is our current situation "just the way it is" and we must resign ourselves to it, or... could things still pick up if we regained our enthusiasm and zeal and if a few more dedicated men stepped forward to join the clergy of the Archeparchy (Luke 15:11)? Surely this is something to think and pray about...

God bless all our clergy, especially those starting new pastoral assignments. Let is keep them and the people they serve in our prayer.


**The term "parish priest", in this case, means that member of the clergy to whom the parish or district is spiritually and canonically entrusted. The parish priest may have another designation such as "pastor", "administrator", "vicar", "rector" or "substitute" according to the situation and the decision of the local bishop. However, the parish priest (or sometimes a deacon or even a lay administrator) enjoys the required canonical and civil authority, rights and obligations as the one responsible for the pastoral oversight of the parish.

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