March 15, 2021



The secular media, always on the prowl for a sensationalist story, is all abuzz about a recent comment made from the Vatican on 'same-sex marriage'. The statement was a response from the Vatican's Congregation (i.e. department) for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) to the question, "Does the Church have the power to bless same-sex unions?"

The short and direct answer was, "no". However, the relatively brief document goes on to explain the Church's position from the very beginning....

In very clear, but compassionate language, the document clarifies that the Church cannot bless that which is "disordered" - as homosexual acts are held to be - nor a relationship that involves such activity. The CDF response also explains that the Church cannot bless a same-sex union anymore than it can bless any other union that would be based upon incongruity. This would include unions between, say, a man and woman that excludes the natural procreation of children, or between two people where one or both are already bound to someone else (e.g. a previous valid marriage). Ultimately any relationship that involves sexual activity outside of a true marriage cannot be blessed. Not only would it be 'not right' to bless such a relationship, it would be a serious betrayal of the individuals involved who too have every right to know the truth of God's Will and to receive the help and grace to live according to that Will, which is always possible. The Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Christ Our Pascha, reads, "sexual activity outside the Mystery of Matrimony, marital infidelity, the destruction of marital fruitfulness through abortion or contraception, polygamy and polyandry, homosexual acts, and autoeroticism - all of these demean human dignity and are grave sins" (863).

The CDF response is actually quite brilliant in that it unequivocally yet compassionately expresses Church teaching on homosexuality and same-sex attraction. It explains that every person enjoys a God-given dignity and that dignity must be recognized and protected at all times. Those that may find themselves in a same-sex relationship should value in that relationship that which is good - e.g. sincere friendship, collaboration for the betterment of society, etc. - but yet overcome that which severs them from the grace of God - i.e. sin. They may accomplish this by placing themselves in the grace of God Who desires to realize His divine plan in every person. The Congregation reiterates the Church's certainty that every person who entrusts himself/herself to the Lord and takes advantage of the Sacraments will find their way to the fulfilment of God's Will.

It is a beautifully written response that can hardly be associated with any semblance of "hate". It is a timely resource for many who want to revisit or begin to explore the Catholic position with regard to all things LGBTQ that is becoming ever more prominent in social media. Don't ever be satisfied with the coverage of the Catholic faith or Catholic statements or events offered by the "mainstream" secular media or even opinions about them. You owe it to yourself to go to the source! Read (and make some time to study) the original 'Response' [HERE]

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