March 13, 2021


Anyone who has recently crawled out of their Covid-19 bunkers and has ventured outside can't help but be inspired by the almost total loss of snow! It is warmer and the hope of spring is in the air. Furthermore, the recently announced relaxing of the strict covid-19 restrictions - as little as that amounts to - also gives hope that maybe there is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. But the greatest reason for hope throughout the Archeparchy is that we are about to experience another ordination to the priesthood! Yes, on Sunday, March 21, Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, OSBM, will ordain Deacon Walter Dudych to the priesthood at his home parish church in Beausejour, Manitoba.

Although the in-person participation will be very restricted, the ordination is set to take place at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Parish church at 2:00 pm. There will be livestreaming and subsequent posting of the service for most who will not be able to attend. The essential clergy will be Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, Parish Priest Fr. Taras Kowch and Deacon Walter Dudych. However, longtime friend Archbishop Stefan Soroka and other clergy have been invited and if circumstances permit they will participate. Of course, Deacon Walter's immediate family will also try to be present. Deacon Walter wanted to invite all the local parishioners to be there too. However, that will not be possible at this time. The parishioners are excited, of course, and are preparing the church as best they can. The only other ordination at their parish was of the late Fr. Ernie Hafichuk almost 40 years ago. After a long stretch of staying closed because of fears over the pandemic, they are happy to be opening to not only participate in a Eucharistic liturgy, but to have one of their own ordained to serve as a priest! It is uncertain where Father Walter will be appointed after ordination, however, he will certainly have his "First Divine Liturgy" at Beausejour and may even serve there for a while until other plans are worked out.

At present, under direction of the Parish Priest, Fr. Taras Kowch and Parish Pastoral Council Chair, Gerald Antymis, the parish is abuzz with preparations. The church is being cleaned and covid-19 safety protocols are being implemented. Even the grounds around the church are undergoing a thorough spring cleaning and trimming. The Ordination service will be available via livestreaming. The likely platforms will the Archeparchial YouTube channel [HERE] and the Archeparchial Facebook page [HERE]. Watch for information updates!

At all ordinations - especially that of a deacon, priest and bishop - the people of God declare their approval of the candidate by singing out "ἄξιος"!, a Greek word that is pronounced "axios" "аксіос" and means "[he is] worthy"! By doing so, the person being ordained is accepted by the local church (in this case the Archeparchy) as one who will serve their Sacramental and pastoral needs and preach to them the Word of God.

This is an exciting occasion of great hope for the Archeparchy and for the Church of Christ as a whole! The vocation of the Servant of God Walter Dudych is now being fully realized and his priestly ministry among the People of God of Manitoba will begin...

Join the Church on Sunday, March 21st in rejoicing and singing,

Ἄξιος! Аксіос! Axios!

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