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Year 2012

  Michael Bzdel +

Year 2011

  New Patriarch Sviatoslav
  Great Lent Collection for the church in Ukraine

Year 2010

  The nativity of our lord
  Holodomor Commemoration
  A call to prayer and for living voices for justice
  The Perogy Supper Miracle
  The Synod Goes Green!
  Pascha 2010
  The Year of Vocations to the Consecrated Life

Year 2007

January 3 January 2007 Archeparchial Newsletter
January 9 + Rt Rev Mitrat Vladimir Bozyk
January 25 New Bishop Named for Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton
February 1 February 2007 Archeparchial Newsletter

Year 2006

January 3

January 2006 Archeparchial Bulletin

February 1 February 2006 Archeparchial Bulletin
March 1 March 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
April 3 April 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
April 3 Pastoral Letter of Metropolitan Lawrence on the 50th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Metropolia
April 3 Pastoral Greeting of the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of Canada at Pascha
May 3 May 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
June 1 June 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
July 5 July 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
August 3 August 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
August 18 New Spiritual Director at Holy Spirit Seminary
August 21 I See! You See! "Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"
September 1 Pastoral Letter Regarding the National Catechetical Commission for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada
September 1 Anniversary Homilies „Ювілейні Проповіді”
September 1 September 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
October 7 October 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
October 23 Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of Canada Make Ad limina Visit to Rome
November 1 November 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
November 8 Eastern Catholic Churches Gather Together and Focus on Evangelization
December 4 December 2006 Archeparchial Newsletter
December 11 Pastoral Greeting of the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of Canada on the Occasion of the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord / Пастирське Різдвяне послання Єпархів Української Католицької Церкви в Канаді
December 11 Archbishop Lawrence Issues New Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines

Year 2005

January 3

January 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

January 11

Letter of Condolence on the Death of His Beatitude Wasyly, Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada from the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of Canada

February 4

February 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

March 4

March 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

April 1

Постійний Синод УГКЦ в дорозі до Канади!
The Permanent Synod of the Ukrainian Catholic Church is Coming to Canada!

April 14

April 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

May 4

May 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

May 9

Pastoral Letter of Bishop Stephen on Upcoming Canadian Clergy Encounter

May 22

"We all have a vocation to sainthood," says Cardinal Husar

May 31

We Are the Carriers of All We Have Received

June 10

June 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

July 2

July 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

July 5

Pastoral Letter on the Sacrament of Marriage

August 2

August 2005 Archeparchial Bulletin

September 7

September 2005 Archeparchial Newsletter

October 1

October 2005 Archeparchial Newsletter

November 1

November 2005 Archeparchial Newsletter

December 1 December 2005 Archeparchial Newsletter

Year 2004

January 5

+Rev. John Lehky

January 14

January 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

January 31

+Rev. John Sholdak

February 9

+Rev. Ihor Shyptkovsky

February 18

February 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

February 21

Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox Hierarchs' Fraternal Encounter II

February 29

+Rev. Harry Oliynek

March 12

March 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

One People of God in the Land on the Hills of Kyiv. The Pastoral Letter of His Beatitude Lubomyr on the return of the See of the Ukrainian Catholic Church to Kyiv [eng | укр]

April 2

April 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

May 5

May 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

May 21

Applications for Director of Archeparchial Stewardship Program Now Being Accepted

June 2

June 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

July 13

July 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

August 8

August 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

August 18

Synod of Bishops of the Winnipeg Metropolia Gather in Winnipeg

September 10

Pastoral Letter on the Year of the Eucharist by Most Rev. Cornelius Pasichny, OSBM, Bishop-Emeritus of Toronto and all Eastern Canada [English | Ukrainian]

September 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

Pastoral Letter on the Patriarchate from His Beatitude Lubomyr [English | Ukrainian]

October 1

October 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

November 10

November 2004 Archeparchial Bulletin

December 1

Pastors are requested to complete and return the attached 2004 Annual Parish Report to the Chancery Office by January 31, 2005.

Pastors are also kindly requested to forward to the Chancery Office by January 31, 2005 the following documents for each parish or mission in their pastoral care: a current list of the Parish Council Members, including position, name, address, telephone and e-mail; 2003 Financial Statements, as well as a copy of the annual T3010A Registered Charity Information Return (for parishes who issue income tax receipts); a photocopy from the Baptismal, Marriage and Death Registers for the year 2003.

Salt + Light Television is now available nationally through Bell ExpressVu, a coast to coast Satellite carrier.

World Youth Day Newsletter

December 2004 Archeparchial Newsletter

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